API Versioning with MVC 6

Updated for ASP.NET Core MVC 1.0.0

Routing has changed a lot in ASP.NET Core MVC 1.0. At first glance it looks pretty much the same as previous versions, using attributes like [Route] and [HttpPost] for defining routes declaratively within a controller. But under the hood it's a complete new implementation that takes care of routing. [...]

RESTful Resource Naming

Yesterday I had an interesting discussion with a colleague of mine about the routes and HTTP verbs we configured for our Web API operations. Being a code purist I liked the idea of having the URIs as RESTful as possible. But many operations of our software just didn't fit in, and it felt quite inconsistent.

The big question: should we hang on to the elegant resource naming of a RESTful API, or go our own way? [...]